Suzie, Naples FL USA

"We hired Jason to represent my aunt in a vehicle violation/immigration matter. Jason was wonderful since he spoke spanish and my aunt did not speak english. Jason was very helpful and attentive to my aunt's case. He kept constant track of her status. He always made sure that we had a plan for any verdict that my aunt may get. Thankfully he was successful in releasing her and she is now on a path to a better life."

Nickolaus, Fort Myers FL USA

"I had a great experience with Jason as my attorney.  I was arrested in July 2017 near Bonita Springs, on a questionable DUI charge.  I’ve been fighting my case for 9+ months.  Jason fought hard for me, represented me in the court room, and we won my case.  It was clear he is well-connected and reputable within the local/state court system.  Linda his legal assistant was awesome to work with also.  I have more freedom today because of Jason’s help."

Jesse, Fort Myers FL USA

"I hired Jason to represent me in a domestic case in which I was wrongly arrested for. He studied my case with the utmost delegence to find solid evidence of the wrongful arrest and worked tirelessly in order to bring the truth to the surface. When Jason talks in the courtroom everyone listens, he speaks firmly with an informed demeanor. I trusted in Jason from the very first conversation we had and he followed through with his commitment to having my best interest in mind at all times. Lee County's best defense attorney in my eyes."


"I got arrested for DUI while vacationing in Ft. Myers.  The arrest happened on Saturday, and I needed to fly home to the Midwest on Monday.  I no longer had a rental car, nor my out-of-state drivers license.  Fortunately, I found Jason.  Jason went far above and beyond what any other attorney would have done for me.  He immediately started working on my case that weekend, and explained everything in detail.  Furthermore, he spent his Monday driving me from location-to-location, to make sure I had everything taken care of in FL before I returned home.  No other attorney would've even considered going this far for a client. Jason is a top-notch attorney who will fight for his clients, and truly cares about them as people.  I'm still amazed how far he went out of his way to help me.  I'm lucky to have him as my attorney and would recommend him to anyone!."

Jocelyn, Fort Myers FL USA

"I reached out to Jason following the arrest of my boyfriend. He was very attentive about the case and showed up to his first appearance the next morning. The bond was extremely high but Mr. Rios was able to negotiate a lower bond. If it wasn't for him, we wouldn't have a better outcome.  Initially, the defendant was charged with over 40 felonies which resulted in a bond over 200,000. The bond got reduced during the first appearance and bond was posted. After, the charges were dropped by the state. This lawyer has my strongest recommendation if you need a lawyer. ."

Eric, Bonita Springs FL USA

"In 2014 I was arrested in my driveway for DUI. After reading my discovery papers I felt the case should go to jury trial.  My friends and family said I should hire a private attorney, because they felt that the case was beatable and a public defender would try to talk me into signing a plea bargain.  
After to talking to my public defender (Jason Rio's) that was assigned to me by the court I had a good feeling. Even though Jason was a public defender he told me from the beginning that this case was beatable and said he couldn't wait to get the arresting police officers on the witness  stand.  He wasn't joking. He tore into the officers testimony during trial like a scalpel and we beat the case in front of six jury members."

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